Medavie Plan Member Website

Simple and Secure

The Medavie Blue Cross plan member website will help you better understand, manage and co-ordinate your benefit plan. The plan member website is simple to use, convenient, and delivered in a secure environment.

On the plan member website

Depending on your group plan, a variety of options may be available to you.

Coverage Inquiry: Detailed information about your benefit plan

Forms: Printable versions of generic Medavie Blue Cross claim forms

Member Information:

  • View and/or update address information (where applicable)
  • Request new identification cards (where applicable)
  • Add/update banking information for direct deposit of claim payments (where applicable)

Member Statements:

  • View claims history for yourself and your dependents
  • View record of payments issued to you and/or the service provider
  • View Health Spending Account balances (where applicable)

First-time access to the plan member website

  1. Go to the Medavie Blue Cross website

Please note your user id and password for future reference.

Please note: For security reasons, the plan member website is for use of the cardholder/member only. Dependents and other family members will not have access to the site.

For further information on the plan member website, or for any questions about your Medavie Blue Cross benefit plan, please contact our Customer Information Centre at the toll-free number on the back of your identification card or e-mail

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