The Chronic Disease Program – Offered Through Carepath Digital Health

The Chronic Disease Program is a healthcare navigation service that provides comprehensive and personalized support to employees and their families in the event of illness or other health crises.

The Chronic Disease Program is led by Nurse Case Managers who act as partners and advocates for you and your family. Nurse Case Managers will help you understand your condition, test results, and treatments and will follow the most up-to-date guidelines for all chronic conditions to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Once connected with a Nurse Case Manager who is a specialist in your disease or condition, you will have a single point of contact to ensure continuity of care.

The Chronic Disease Program services include:

  • Comprehensive health assessment, including a review of medical records. In-depth review of treatment plans to ensure they are consistent best-practices.
  • Explanation of diagnosis, tests, and treatments. Explore alternative treatment or symptom management options.
  • Education on how to manage symptoms to minimize treatment side effects.
  • Facilitate access to diagnosis tests, treatments, and clinical trials. Explore alternative treatment or symptom management options.
  • Ongoing virtual nursing support, health education, and coaching throughout navigation to ensure the individual has the information needed to make informed health care decisions.
  • Virtual second opinion when needed.

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Stay tuned for information on Carepath’s new mobile app as well as a video and testimonials on how this program can assist you from people who have contacted Carepath.

For more information on all the Carepath programs can offer you, visit their website below:


All interaction with Carepath is strictly confidential.

The Chronic Disease Program can be accessed directly by contacting Carepath at: 1-844-453-6788.

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