Long Term Disability

Effective August 1, 2014 – the NSTU Long Term Disability Plan is mandatory for all members without the ability to opt out unless the following condition has been met:

  • Plan member is age 65 or has 35 years of pensionable service less accumulated sick leave.

Cost Sharing

Under the Teachers’ Provincial Agreement/APSEA Agreement, the Employer cost shares monthly premium with members by paying 50%. Some members are grandfathered at 70% of the monthly cost.


  • 70% of gross monthly salary at time claim commences – taxable
  • For long-term claims, benefit reduced by Workers’ Compensation and/or Canada Pension
  • Rehabilitation benefit
  • Cost-of-living benefit, outside the insurance contract
  • Elimination period of 90 calendar days, or accumulated sick leave, whichever is greater
  • Benefits payable to age 65
  • Pension contributions are made by Member and Employer


Adjudicated by Manulife Financial


If you have any questions regarding the above, please call the Administrator, Johnson Inc., at 453-9543 or 1-800-453-9543 (toll-free).

email: insurance@nstu.ca or nstu@johnson.ca

Visit the Johnson Inc. website:  www.johnson.ca

Additional Resources

Further details can be found by visiting the Johnson Inc. Members-Only website.

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