Provincial Master Life Policy

Cost Sharing

Under the Teachers’ Provincial Agreement/APSEA Agreement, the Employer pays 100% for all active members. New members are automatically insured for this benefit.


  • Life Insurance $50,000
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment $50,000
  • Critical Illness – $2,000 Lump sum payment – (Heart attack, coronary artery by-pass
    surgery, stroke, life threatening cancer)
  • Hospital Cash Benefit, outside the insurance contract
  • Waiver of Premium if totally disabled prior to age 60
  • If retired prior to age 65, coverage continues to age 65 with the monthly premium deducted from your Nova Scotia Teachers’ Pension.
  • Spouse covered for $3,000 and dependent children covered for $1,500.
  • Conversion option available when your insurance terminates.
  • Retiree Life policy available after age 65 to death.


Underwritten by Manulife Financial


If you have any questions regarding the above, please call the Administrator, Johnson Inc., at 453-9543 or 1-800-453-9543 (toll-free).

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Further details can be found by visiting the Johnson Inc. Members-Only website.

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