Elder Care Program – Offered Through Carepath Digital Health

The Elder Care Program will connect you with a Nurse Case Manager who will work with you and your family one on one to help you understand and navigate the health care system so you can make informed decisions and appropriate arrangements for care.

Carepath will have an initial consultation assessment with you and/or your aging loved one and develop a personalized care plan based on your individual preferences and common senior health care needs.

A Nurse Case Manager will help you prepare for any upcoming medical appointments and give you information and services to promote safe and independent living. When staying at home is no longer a safe option, they’ll help you and your family find the right senior living facility, such as retirement homes, long-term care, and/or respite facilities.

You and your family will receive ongoing virtual nursing support, health education, and coaching to ensure you have the information you need every step of the way.

The Elder Care Program can help you and your family by:

Elder Care Program


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Stay tuned for information on Carepath’s new mobile app as well as a video and testimonials on how this program can assist you from people who have contacted Carepath.

For more information on all the Carepath programs can offer you, visit their website below:


All interaction with Carepath is strictly confidential.

The Elder Care Program can be accessed directly by contacting Carepath at: 1-844-453-6788.

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