NSTU Group Insurance Trustees Mental Health and Wellness Grant

The NSTU Group Insurance Trustees, with support from Johnson Incorporated, have established a grant for members to support innovative initiatives that promote the mental health and well-being of children and youth in the schools across Nova Scotia.

The deadline for applications is October 30th. Detailed information is provided; however, if you have any questions please contact the Trustee in your geographic area.

Information Sheet


The NSTU Group Insurance Trustees with support from Johnson Inc. will fund projects that support the mental health and well-being of children and youth in the schools across Nova Scotia, programs in classrooms, schools or communities for children and youth. The Mental Health and Wellness Grant was established to support innovative initiatives that promote the well-being of our youth and children in coping with the pressures of growing up.


To be eligible, the individual must have a permanent, probationary, or term contract and be a member of the NSTU or PSAANS at the time of application.

Please be advised that all projects must comply with Public Health Guidelines relating to COVID-19.  These guidelines are subject to change throughout the year which could impact the fulfillment of the project.  If Public Health Guidelines do prevent an awarded grant from being fulfilled, it will be carried into the 2022 school year.

Selection Process

The NSTU Group Insurance Trustees will be awarding grants valued at up to $600 once per year. The criteria will include the project description, innovation and creativity, impacts on students, materials and budget and overall impression. Please be advised that not all applications will be awarded grants.


Applications must be submitted on/or before 11:59pm on October 30th. Completed projects are due no later than May 31st.


Funds will be awarded no later than June 15th upon receipt of the following:

a) A typed summary report of the project to be housed at the NSTU; and
b) A final report showing disbursements and receipts.

*Please note, all out of pocket expenses related to the application and subsequent project, will be incurred by the member. Expenses will only be reimbursed if the above noted requirements have been met.

Application Process

Applications must address all items, in sequence, via the online application forms below. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Do not use acronyms without clarification. Applications need to be received prior to the event.


(Score of 5)
(Score 3 – 4)
(Score 1 or 2)
(Score 0)
Objectives AddressedThere are multiple, clear, specific objectives listed that relate to the mental health and well-being of children and youth.One or two general objectives are listed.The objectives are vague or unclear. It is not easy to understand how the mental health and well-being of students are being address.No objectives listed.
Project DescriptionProposed project is clear with strong evidence of careful planning, thought, and research.Proposed project is general and requires further thought, but it is still a good project that can be understood.Proposed project needs clarity and further planning. Still, it is possible to understand what the project is.Very unclear project and lacks planning and research.
Innovation and CreativityA new project never heard before, original ideas.An engaging and interesting idea presented.A good idea but not original.Heard this before. Not creative, not original.
Impact on Students

Students of multi grade / subjects / classes.

Whole school / Community or grade level.

4-students of more than one class period or homeroom.

3-students in one homeroom.

Small group of students.

Individual students.

Evaluation of the ProjectThere are multiple measures for documenting and evaluating the student learning. Student learning is showcased in a culminating project or event.There is a clear method for documenting student learning and success of the grant.The evaluation process seems unclear or needs further thought and planning. Evidence does not seem to support true evaluation of the grants’ success.There is no clear way to determine how students will grow / benefit from this project.
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