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Benefits at a Glance

Further to the information contained below, the NSTU Insurance Profile is the main source of Group Insurance and Insurance Services information.

Active Members can view the full NSTU Insurance Profile (PDF) here in English / French.

Total Care – Medical

Single and Family Coverage

Hospital, health care, prescription drugs and vision care

Total Care – Dental

Single or Family Coverage

Preventative, restorative, prosthodontic and orthodontic services

Provincial Master Life Policy

Active Member Life Policy

Life, accidental, critical illness and related insurance

Optional Group Life Insurance

Optional Group Coverage

Life insurance for members, spouses and dependent children

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Active Member Voluntary Coverage

Loss of life, loss of limbs or loss of use of limbs, etc.

Optional Critical Illness Insurance

Active Member Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance for members, spouses and dependent children

Long Term Disability

Mandatory Long Term Disability Plan

Disability benefits

NSED Travel Insurance

Out of Province/Canada Emergency Medical Insurance Plan

Complete coverage for your travel needs in one convenient package

Over-Age Dependents

Total Care Medical/Dental for Over-age Dependents

Extended coverage for dependent children to age 27

Disability Benefits Guide

Teachers’ Guide to Disability Benefits

A comprehensive view of all benefits available to you should you become disabled

Member Assistance Programs (MAP)

Manulife EFAP

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Counselling, life planning and depression care services

Mental Health Program

(formerly Your Wellness Partner)

Multiple levels of support to provide the right guidance at the right time for anyone experiencing mild to severe mental health concerns.

Chronic Disease Program

(formerly HealthCare Assist / Cancer Assistance Program)

An innovative healthcare navigation service in the event of illness or other health crises

Elder Care Program

(formerly Seniors' Care Assistance Program)

Provides Seniors and their families with a Nurse Case Manager to address members’ evolving elder care needs.

Counselling Services

Counselling Services for NSTU Members

Supporting the quality of personal and professional life for members, their partners and dependents

Early Intervention Program (EIP)

Support for all NSTU members experiencing illness or injury

Providing encouragement, support and opportunity for members who are working or on paid sick leave

Member Assistance Program (MAP) Booklet

MAP Booklet

For a summary of all Member Assistance Programs available to you

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