Early Intervention Program (EIP)

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a program for all NSTU members who are working or on paid sick leave and are experiencing illness or injury.  The intent of the program is to provide encouragement, support and opportunity for active participation to facilitate early return to health and work or early application to disability benefits.

Participation in the program is voluntary and confidentiality is assured.  NSTU members are encouraged to contact the EIP directly if they feel assistance is required or if they are at risk of disability.

Intervention may include telephone contact, assistance with coordinating health services (for example, physician, therapist, counsellor, chiropractor) or facilitation of a return to work plan.  In the event a member is unable to return to work, he or she will be guided through the process of early application to disability benefits. Intervention services are provided by registered occupational therapists Leticia Richer and Maya Fallows.

Follow these links to download the EIP poster (English / French) and brochure (English / French).

Download the EIP’s Frequently Asked Questions.

For information on disability benefits see the Teachers Guide to Disability Benefits.

The Well Teacher

This regular column in The Teacher is part of the Early Intervention Program’s contribution to the health and well-being of NSTU Members.

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Home Office Ergonomics

Here are a few tips from The Well Teacher, April 2020, Volume 58.

Be Well Newsletter

Please check out the Be Well a newsletter created by the staff at the NSTU’s Early Intervention Program for Teachers. This newsletter was issued 5 times per year and focused on wellness related topics relevant to NSTU members. It was jam packed with information, tips and tools to make life, work and play easier and more balanced.

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Enjoy and Be Well!


If you or anyone you know has questions about the Program, please contact the Early Intervention Program.

Tel: (902) 477-5621, Toll Free: 1-800-565-6788
Fax: (902) 477-3517
email:  eip@nstu.ca

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