Total Care – Medical

Retired (Under Age 65)

Your Total Care Medical continues and premium is paid 100% by the Province of Nova Scotia for Single or Family Plan.

A retired member must enroll in the Plan within sixty (60) days of retirement, or within sixty (60) days of first pension cheque.

Retired (Age 65 & Over)

Your coverage transfers to the Retired Teachers Health Care Plan and premium is paid 100% by the Province of Nova Scotia for you or you and eligible Spouse.

The prescription drug coverage cancels the first of the month that either member or spouse turns 65 (whichever is applicable). If spouse is under 65, drugs for spouse only are covered at 80% after a $25.00 annual deductible. Drugs covered under Nova Scotia Seniors’ Pharmacare Program if 65 or over.

Upon your death, the coverage continues for your spouse if in receipt of Nova Scotia Teacher’s Pension (Province of Nova Scotia pays 100% of premium).


Hospital Benefits

100% of semi-private room – no maximum.

Extended Health Benefits

80% reimbursement for such items as the following (benefit maximums may apply):

  • Home nursing care;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Prosthetic appliances;
  • Ostomy equipment;
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, mist tent, etc.;
  • Out-of-province physician services;
  • Accidental dental;
  • Hearing aids;
  • Cochlear implant upgrades, parts and accessories;
  • Eyeglasses;
  • Diabetic supplies;
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems;
  • Paramedical services.

Prescription Drugs

$5.00 co-pay for each prescription, Restricted Drug List, All new drugs require approval.

Frames and Lenses

Frames & Single Lenses – $155.00
Frames and Bifocals or Trifocal Lenses – $170.00
Contact Lenses and Laser surgery are eligible in lieu of frames and/or lenses at the same benefit level

(The Employer provides $145 for Single Lenses/Frames and $160 for Bifocal or Trifocal Lenses/Frames)

For a complete breakdown of all of your benefits when you are retired under age 65 and the change when you are retired over age 65, click on the Retired Teachers Benefit Chart.


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